The Mind Wanders!

Tonight I began the mindfulness course on

It cost £60 for the four week course which includes materials and an archive which is available after completion, also it came highly recommended from something husband attended for work.  I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness to help with my anxiety, and after partaking in the free introduction decided to start the course proper.

One of the tasks I had to complete (and will need to continue doing so) was to listen to a 30 minute guided meditation called a “body scan”.  I learned that I was pretty rubbish initially – my mind wandered off track so many times and then I was distracted by husband furiously tapping buttons on his keyboard whilst playing a computer game.  I managed to negotiate with him that for 30 mins he can refrain from doing so as this is too expensive for me not to do it!

I can’t write anymore now as the smallest small is kicking off (another anxiety trigger – when am I going to find time to do everything?!) but just wanted to update.


Just a little update as he is now settled… went to Livewell appointment to be told after 15 minutes of waiting the advisor wasn’t in the building, so that’s a phone call to make tomorrow.  I never received a phone call from the council about the stupid neighbour either, although a positive is that the double buggy arrived and it’s gloriously massive!  Can’t wait to try it!


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