And We Run


A very good friend of mine happened to post on Facebook earlier she was running this evening and wasn’t sure what route to take.  One happened to be very near my house and without thinking I asked what time she was going, and she accommodated the boys’ bedtime so I could join her!

It felt fantastic to be out doing something active for myself, and we both had such a great time managing 3.3k in about 30 minutes – hardly the fastest out there but we didn’t stop.  And I feel good mentally for doing it.

Failed boxing last Thursday is now going to be “run to” boxing this week.  I am going to enjoy this happy whilst it’s still here!  It makes up for the guilt of having a 2 year old who is apparently behind in his speech 😉


I was going to have another attempt at the “body scan” guided meditation, however after 2 attempts this afternoon (one of which I was disturbed and had to get the baby off to sleep, the second of which I fell asleep) I think I may spend my time otherwise.

I did, however, try and eat my pineapple mindfully after lunch noticing the taste, texture, smell and temperature.


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