The Biggest Small’s Developmental Review

I was going to drive to this, however mum offered me a lift and so I decided against it, especially as I heard it wasn’t a very good spot for parking.  I dislike parking, unless it’s in a bay or a drive and really ought to practice more.

During his review, it transpired he was behind on their scale for speech and language; not that it surprises me as compared to his peers his talking has seemed behind.  They are going to review it again in a couple of months; and also need to determine whether he can thread items onto a string e.g. pasta, cotton reels as it’s something I haven’t got round to trying with him.

Unfortunately, we were unable to complete everything because Alex tripped on another parent’s feet and banged his mouth on a chair, resulting in a cut cheek and inside lip.  Naturally he was very upset so things were cut short, and I ended up texting mum and asking for a lift home rather than getting a taxi.  He’s absolutely fine now we’re back and has been playing as usual (of course, mainly by himself).  The real test of it will be at dinner time!

I also told the health visitor when she asked that I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, but I was undergoing treatment and had spoken to my doctor.

Next stage with the little one though it to keep reading to him, singing to him and carry on as we are and see if there’s an improvement in a couple of months.


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