T’was the Night Before CBT

…and I’m having a mini sulk because for the third bloody day I am unable to get through a 30 min Body Scan guided meditation as part of my mindfulness course.  Naturally my brain decides to catastrophise this and tell me I’ve wasted my money, I can’t even manage the assignments from the first week.

Despite making progress, I wonder as well if I have done enough of my CBT homework.  The next few items in my hierarchy are the more difficult to overcome, and the mindfulness is meant to help with building up my distress tolerance so I’ve been putting exposure on hold a bit whilst I develop this.

This is probably just me being anxious and rambly.  In myself, I have felt much better today.  I took the beast of a tandem pram out, complete with children for a brisk walk to my mum’s and bloody hell I felt it!  Was a lot easier on the way back as the route is downhill and I only had the baby with me.

Then at home I cooked lamb jalfrezi and as a treat some peanut butter melts once the children were in bed.  I feel like I’ve wasted enough time now this evening to justify going to bed after mindfully cleaning my teeth.


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