A Successful Thursday!

Considering how awful I was feeling a week ago (and I didn’t have this blog then so you won’t know, but it was pretty darn awful) today has been brilliant.

My mum joined the boys and I for breakfast, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy a second morning coffee. Then I took the boys to town in our new amazing massive tandem buggy, bought the littlest one some more clothes (he keeps pooing on his trousers) and managed to get some groceries as well.  The biggest small had a walk on the way back which was lovely as I got to talk to him and hold his hand on the way.

We had a lovely lunch of omelette and plum tomatoes on toast, and both boys settled for their afternoon nap.  Not long after, my mother in law arrived so that I could attend my CBT appointment.  Considering last night I was fretting somewhat about it, I can’t have been happier.  I have made so much progress already despite a few setbacks and how anxious I have been feeling over the last week.

Together, we devised the new short term plan that I will blow up balloons and take the littlest small out for a walk.  Then, husband will film the biggest small playing with them for me to watch when I get back.

I also intend on buying some water balloons and inflating them with air to burst as a means of teaching colours to the biggest small, as a lot of YouTube videos seem to do.

Fast forward to this evening; I am home after my first boxing class!  I ran the 2k there, and enjoyed some bag work and circuit training.  The circuit training was extremely difficult, I felt like I had literally no strength so come of the exercises didn’t get completed but it’s a start.  I never imagined myself in a boxing gym, let alone enjoying it enough to want to go again!


Now it’s time for the next part of my mindfulness course (haven’t even attempted the meditation today – simply no time) and then a long shower and bed.


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