Get Well Soon Fiesta!

Before I delve any further, I would like to have on record that this evening both children went to bed and subsequently sleep with no fuss, no crying and no upset.  I even checked the baby’s temperature…this is how unusual it was!

He had his first solid food tonight; sweet potato fries (he didn’t like so much) and mashed pear (he couldn’t get enough of it!): so we’re on our way into the world of weaning!

I drove to the swimming pool today.  I haven’t driven since last Saturday, for some reason my anxiety has projected onto driving.  I will do it if husband is with me but I feel so unconfident driving on my own. But I managed the 20 minute drive, I was almost starting to enjoy it!  When we arrived at the leisure centre, I accidentally turned down the wrong bit in the car park and as I was reversing to turn round, something “clanked” and my car began making the most horrendous noise which got wore when I accelerated.  Now I know nothing about cars, I can barely deal with driving one so naturally I panicked.

Husband reassured me (?) it was probably just a hole in the exhaust, these things were very common and we could take it to a garage.

Meanwhile, we went in and the children absolutely loved swimming.  The 2-year-old went on the flume (with husband) and the smile on his little face made me feel so happy – and meanwhile the baby was trying to eat my face in happiness!  He wasn’t so happy in the changing room though – he was really upset and properly screaming so I wonder if something is irritating his skin.

So, on the drive home I was taking it steady as the car felt “wrong”; and all the while it was making this horrible, horrible deep roaring noise.  As we got back into the city, there was a massive “clunk” and upon pulling over we learned that the exhaust had come off and was only held on by some metal bars (forgive my lack of description – as I stated, I know nothing about cars).  At this point, we were already on our way to a garage open on a Sunday so I was just hoping it would make it there!  Of course the traffic was terrible due to a triathlon event being held in the city, and by the time we made it to the garage (pissing off a few people in the process by blocking a lane I really probably shouldn’t but traffic was at a standstill and i feared if i stopped that would be it) it felt like it was barely holding on.

My sister lives down the road, so we took the children out of the car and walked there before getting some lunch.  The garage told us that something had indeed snapped off and it’s going to cost £85 to fix, and should be done tomorrow.  I’m glad it’s getting fixed of course, but not looking forward to having to get it and drive on my own tomorrow. But I can do it.

My lunch was extremely indulgent – as I have lost 2 lbs this week (woot!) I decided not to count any syn values and so had Moroccan cous cous, a few bacon and cheese bites, 2 small brownie bites and a cherry Bakewell flapjack.  Dinner was a lot more sensible – homemade burgers with sweet potato fries and BBQ relish.

I need to do something productive now because I’m feeling quite irritable tonight.


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