Better at Boxing

Firstly ignore the fact I am eating a slice of supermarket pizza as I write this.

I had my second boxing training session tonight and I felt like I have improved already!  We ran the 1.95k there, followed by half an hour bag work (with sit-ups and burpees happening throughout) and circuit session.  I feel like I really pushed myself and although still have a lot of improvement to make I noticed a difference.   I also thought my sweat would make me go blind.

Mentally, I am feeling really good.  I had a bit of an anxiety wobble earlier over the baby’s milk whilst I was out (he was fine and didn’t need any more than I had expressed and left for him) and the dress code at my cousin’s wedding (I felt husband was taking it too literally and that he was saying he didn’t want to go) but now things are a lot calmer.

I also had a mindfulness experience on the way back from boxing; walking through the recreation ground  on a warm night with a cool breeze blowing. My body felt good from working out and I could smell fresh cut grass, as well as being in the company of one of my best friends.  I had an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.

I am aware that because I have been focusing on mindfulness, I haven’t progressed much further with my CBT however this weekend I will be blowing up several balloons for the toddler to play with.  I am due to complete a mindfulness session tonight however I feel after boxing I would rather do it tomorrow night and enjoy the happy buzz tonight has brought to me.


2 thoughts on “Better at Boxing

  1. Ah you just bought back some memories for me! I did kickboxing whilst I studied at university. I can relate so much to the feeling of euphoria that comes after completing a hard training session. It really pushes you to the limit! Sadly I studied quite far away from my university city so I had to give it up. I do have a bag I use occasionally to vent out my frustrations, but it isn’t the same.

    Also you most probably deserve that pizza! I think we all do now and then 🙂

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    1. Amazing the power of exercise-induced endorphins. Thought it was a load of BS to be honest before discovering it for myself; find I have to keep at it for it to remain effective!

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