Why is there not an F5 button for real life?!

I am not having the best of days today, and it’s not even 9am.

This morning, husband stated that whenever he asks me to do anything I never do it, most recent case being sorting out the spare room yesterday (I had both children; toddler was sleeping in the next room and I had a visitor).  This sweeping statement made me feel like I am lazy and don’t do anything to contribute to the running of the house.  He went on to state that several times he asked me to clean the bathrooms – which I can do but struggle when I have both of the children because they need attention and also I don’t want to have to tend to the baby with cleaning materials on my hands.

He apologised and said he didn’t mean to make out that I was lazy or unwilling to do it; but it put me in a bad mood straight away that I am struggling to get out of.

Next thing; I decided to actually drive to my mum’s.  One, to stop being a wimp and actually enjoy the car and 2 because the weather is apparently going to get really horrible later and one tandem pushchair run this week is enough!  As I was getting into my seat, my phone dropped onto the floor instantly shattering the back cover of my Sony Xperia.  The same Sony Xperia I received brand new last week as a replacement for my previous one that I made an insurance claim for….for dropping it and cracking the back screen.

I know, serves me right for not having a case on it or anything but even so I’m still pretty annoyed about it.  So now I’m £50 down from my insurance excess, as well as having yet another cracked phone. But I did drive to my mum’s house without incident  – only for the baby to have a reaction to the baby wipes I used to clean him up after breakfast!


Please get better today?


Edit: I posted this then read it back and realised that I actually make husband look like a dick in this.  I understand that it’s my anxiety that was misinterpreting what he was saying to me; he wasn’t actually making out I don’t do anything.  I actually, as well as look after the children full-time, plan and cook all of our meals and am going back to work next month and he totally acknowledges this.

He was merely stating a fact which I took the wrong way 🙂


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