The Morning After

Feel like after last night’s achievements I’ve had a slight mental relapse today.  Let me explain.  Last night, as you have probably read, with a little Dutch courage I managed to skip a couple of steps on my exposure therapy hierarchy  and not only blew up and sealed balloons but burst them myself as well. I was surprised to note the smaller ones made a louder bang than the bigger ones, but anyway I digress.

Today I have felt like I cheated in a way because I did it whilst intoxicated, and that maybe I wasn’t ready to face that situation.  I was meant to be blowing up balloons for the toddler to play with, but managed to put it off until tomorrow.

So I learned; keep therapy and pleasure separate.

Otherwise, I have been feeling a LOT more positive.  Driving this morning to get our shopping done was no problem, and we had a walk into and around town and another jaunt out this afternoon to get potatoes for our dinner. (Dinner actually went well for me because toddler ate potato and baked beans and baby enjoyed his potato and cream cheese – win!)  We treated toddler to a fab lolly as well which gave him something to focus on whilst he walked – for a short while anyway!

This evening it’s time to catch up with my mindfulness online course.  I’m definitely going to have to review the materials once I’ve finished as there is so much to take in and practice.


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