Behaviour Experiment: Blowing up Balloons for Toddler

This afternoon, after talking about it on here a couple of times, I am going to take myself off into the spare room and blow up some balloons.

Husband is then going to film toddler playing with and eventually popping aforementioned balloons whilst I sort out the spare room.

I will then watch the film.

Hypothesis: I will be in control of inflating the balloons so will ensure they don’t burst on me!  I expect to feel a moderate degree of anxiety as toddlers and balloons are great at inducing distress intolerance and anticipatory anxiety. I may find the video difficult to watch.

Anti-hypothesis: I will have little to no anxiety performing the task and watching the video.


4pm I have blown up several balloons and placed them in a black bag. Husband has the instruction on my signal to release them for Toddler to play with!  Husband will then film this, and make a separate film of him and toddler bursting them.


My handiwork – a black bag (half)filled with balloons!


8pm Experiment went well, as I both successfully inflated the buggers in the first place and watched videos of both toddler playing with the balloons and then he and husband bursting them!  Watching balloons burst on film is no longer a problem to me now.  Next time I do this particular experiment, I would like to do it where I am still in a separate room whilst the bursting is occurring but to not have ear phones in so I can actually be exposed to the sound, but from a safe distance.

Now on the hierarchy I still have to manage;


others blowing up balloons

others playing with balloons

me bursting balloons

other people bursting balloons


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