First Family Holiday 

And only 5 anxiety attacks! Actually, that’s a bit of an overstatement as I only experienced one true “attack”; the rest were more of a “could turn into an attack if you don’t get your shit together!”.

I think it’s because packing, travelling and unpacking as a family of 4 (plus 2 extra adults) is harder than I initially anticipated. Kids are in bed an hour later, I feel more exhausted than after running and boxing last night,  but we’re here. And tomorrow, this seaside town is ripe to explore!

Day 2: The Beach 

Toddler loved the sea! Was very sad when we had to leave. Trying to relax more as there are so many things setting off my anxiety! E.g. 

  • The local pubs out me off by playing cheesy music and disco lights. And… As much as I resent saying this…the people looked chavvy. So we didn’t go to any.
  • Food. I am getting so worked up about food because of my diet…i am trying to remind myself I am a stone off interim target and it’s OK to relax a bit on holiday without being excessive. 
  • The people in the house next door are loud.

That’s just a few things from today! Going to try and be more mindful now with these triggers. Otherwise having a lovely time haha! 


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