Holiday Day 3: Off the Wagon 

I think the title of today’s post is very apt for a number of reasons.

After being anxious about food for the last couple of days, I decided today to give myself the “day off” and have enjoyed a delicious meal of fishcake and chips at a restaurant, and because I don’t do things by halves am sat here with a box of salted caramel fudge, my absolute favourite treat.  Husband and I did manage a 2k jog last night, with a good proportion of it being up a very steep hill but we have committed to jogging again tomorrow night, and back to eating sensibly tomorrow as well.

In the fish and chip restaurant, I was very embarrassed. With being on holiday, aside from watching balloon videos with toddler I have undertaken very little CBT homework so therefore have been neglecting my mindfulness as well. A young boy was celebrating his birthday, and his family and he were blowing up balloons.  As soon as I noticed I got up and walked outside.

My mum followed with my food, and as she was making her way out the waiters thought (understandably) she was going to complain about something to do with our meals, at which point she explained and the waiters asked the family to put the balloons away.  They then came out to me and were very attentive, even offering me a glass of water.  It’s lovely that they were so sweet but I was mega embarrassed, and then the mum f the family came out and apologised profusely – to my mum thinking it was her who had the phobia!

I then endured the shame of walking back into the restaurant – again with my plate of food – to finish my meal.  It was actually the nicest fishcake I have ever had; toddler had the same (but a child’s portion) and I even committed the cardinal parenting sin of finishing his portion because it was so good.

And the salted caramel fudge is delicious, I’m totally going to eat the box, regret it for a bit but then get over it.  Back on the mindfulness course tomorrow night after my run – I have a LOT to catch up on!


Meanwhile, something else positive; here’s a picture of husband taking toddler to the sea for the first time.


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