And Home

We haven’t got to our actual house yet have stopped at the garage for milk but I feel so nauseaus and anxious about returning home, like I have nothing to look forward to now the holiday is over.

Also all my recent fears about the neighbour seem to have resurfaced and…i don’t want to go home.

Think positively. Think mindfully.

Mid Afternoon: I am now home and experiencing such overwhelming feelings of anxiety,  guilt and dread I have had to go upstairs for a secret cry. I keep trying to tell myself post holiday blues are normal.  I don’t want to burden anyone else with how I feel. How will I manage by myself with the boys next weekend??   It hasn’t helped that I witnessed the neighbour returning and parking across my drive whilst he verbally abused someone who had parked across his drive.

Later this same evening: Feeling slightly better; actually got both boys bathed, dressed and in bed by myself which has given me some hope for next weekend!  The council will be getting a call though on Monday as the neighbour was having an argument in the street again -this time with the couple across the street whilst his mother sat in the front passenger seat.  I was going to make peanut butter melts this evening but decided as I have had some treats today whilst on holiday I will refrain, so husband is getting me some diet coke instead.

I am definitely feeling better as the afternoon draws to a close; I understand that post-holiday blues is a real thing just didn’t expect to feel it as intensely as I did.  Tomorrow is a new day, it’s the weekend and we have two days together as a family before husband returns to work on Monday!



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