Mindfulness Course; Back on Track

Following my holiday and general distrations, tonight I am going to undertake the next part of the online Mindfulness course I’m taking.  I find it helpful to review each session as I go along.  I remind myself it’s all part of my CBT and something that, as well as my CBT, I need to keep practicing and working at in order for it to become effective.

This session is about Negative Thoughts.

We don’t have to believe what we think.  I find this difficult because sometimes my feelings of worry or anxiety are so overwhelmingly strong that I can’t always take the time to consider it’s not a fact and merely something my brain has created.


Final Week: Integrating Mindfulness in our Daily Lives

I’ve not even started watching the video yet and already I’m panicking that I haven’t properly practiced the assignments from the previous week, but I remind myself I have these materials forever so can go back to it.

Firstly, I was to make a list of a typical day and everything I do and identify tasks which I find nourishing and energising or depleting.  To be honest, in a typical day I don’t find much particularly depleting; only if I’m trying to get on with something or feed the baby and toddler decides he wants to climb things/touch thinge he shouldn’t.  This can be resolved by putting the stair gate across the kitchen and feeding the baby in front of the computer to stop him touching it.

The only other thing I can think of that’s depleting is the thought of arriving home and seeing the neighbour.  But I saw him tonight and we had no interaction whatsoever so that busted that myth.  Maybe it depends on frame of mind too, I’m feeling quite positive at the moment so find more things nurturing.

My first assignment for the coming week (and beyond) is to practice 3 step breathing; starting by asking myself how I am feeling and what is going on and acknowledging any thoughts or sensations.  Next, to focus purely on each individual inbreath and outbreath before expanding and breathing with the whole body, being aware of my surruondings. Once in this state, I am to choose actions to undertake following breathing space by doing something pleasureable, something that brings a sense of achievement or acting mindfully.

Now we move on to Stress Strategies.  This is very self-guided; taking the opportunity to identify early stress triggers and non-helpful and helpful ways to deal with stress.  The idea is to practice mindful breathing and the aformentioned 3 step breathing when I notice any early warning signs.

My assgnment for now is to each day practice one of the main meditations; so the body scan, mindfu movement, mindful breathing and sitting meditation.  All can be undertaken when I go to bed or in the afternoon when the children are asleep.

So that was tonight’s session in a nutshell, I am coming to the very end of this course and will no doubt keep revisiting aspects of it especially as I apply it to the rest of my CBT journey.



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