Return to the Gym

Last night I felt too anxious to go training as my friend who I usually run there and train with was last minute festival shopping. Rather than sitting along the sofa,  playing The Witcher 3 and feeling terrible about the sweets I consumed the day before, I went to the gym.

It had been well over a year; and I really enjoyed myself and found to my delight I can do a lot more than I used to be able to! I cut my session short as I picked my sister up (yes more driving 🚘!)  to join our uncle and cousins at a local pub quiz.
We went on to win the quiz, and at my suggestion are donating the prize money to a friend who is shaving her head to raise money to pay for her friend’s cancer treatment. It was a good evening anyway regardless of that outcome!  I didn’t get back home until after 11 which is very late for me.
This morning, I loaded the smalls into the double pushchair and we went to the supermarket and were done by 9am. My sister looked after toddler whilst baby and went back into town to meet a pregnant friend and give her our steriliser,  then we walked to my mum’s for lunch. Toddler definitely needs more walking practice.

If my running partner can’t make tonight,  I am definitely going to the gym again.

Update:  Running partner couldn’t make tonight (not that I hold it against her – she’s getting ready for BOA ) and initially I felt a bit sad.  I felt sad because husband and a lot of my friends are going to Bloodstock tomorrow, and I would absolutely love to be joining them but the responsibilities of parenthood mean that I will be looking after the smalls al weekend.  By myself.  Well, I say by myself but I will have help from family members and know I am incredibly lucky in having this.

Anyway, I digress.


In order to pull myself out of the funk I had landed in, I went to the gym for the second night in a row, and though I was only there for an hour worked my little legs off on the cross trainer and treadmill and was shown how to use the ab machine properly so can build my core up for boxing!  Also, the lovely lady who showed me explained that it’s not advisable for c-section patients to work their abs until 6-9 months after their op to allow all the inside bits to heal properly.  Looks like I’m coming into it at the right time then with the littlest small being 6-and-a-bit months.


So in short:  gym good.

Coming home to eat 2 babybel = very good.


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