Day One of no Husband – Made it Through!

Today was the day husband set off for Bloodstock Open Air.  I may have mentioned this was a bit of a difficult day for me, not mega challenging but I didn’t relish the thought of being without him AND having to care for the smalls alone for 5 days.

It was lovely to see our friends M and J who kindly picked him up to take him away.  We had a lovely cuppa and chat in the garden and it wasn’t too traumatic when he left – I felt a bit of a lump in my throat but the smallest needed feeding and toddler needed to stop climbing shit so I was soon busy.

After a lovely afternoon with MiL, during which I went shopping and bought new clothes in a smaller size, I can now fast forward to pre-bedtime.  I have completed the last part of my mindfulness course – about mindful walking – and am about to settle and read a book about toilet training.  Most exciting.

And, the best news so far is I have been offered a Saturday pass to Bloodstock – so I will get to have a day to myself after all with no smalls 🙂  Just figuring out the logistics of getting there (I can get back, just not there) and hopefully it’ll all work out!  I have been offered a lift from a friend via a pleading facebook status, can’t believe my luck!


Also, just tried on my clothes and they fit, if a little on the tighter side for my liking but I am sorted for an outfit for Saturday!



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