Bloodstock and Beyond – I Did it :-)

Aware it’s been a few days since my last update, so here is my account of the last few days.

Saturday, after dropping the boys off at my sister’s for the day I made it to Bloodstock Open Air!  I met husband in the car park, put on my wristband and was ready to start my afternoon of grown-up adventures.  Because I had a guest wrist band and not VIP I wasn’t technically allowed in the VIP campsite however managed to get through with no problems.

The bands we ended up watching were Ackercocke, Fear Factory, Paradise Lost and the start of Gojira with several trips around the arena and back to the camp site in between for whisky, cocktails and a round of Cards Against Humanity!  We even bought the boys gifts – a t-shirt each from one of the stalls.


It was lovely to catch up with so many friends and have an adult of being myself!  Fair play to the many people who choose to bring their small children; I just prefer it to be an adult time and don’t want the responsibility of looking after the smalls in a boiling hot arena with only tents to sleep in!  I also felt really confident in my new clothes; I spent a lot of time pulling my leggings up but that might have been because the material was slipping over what I had on underneath(!).


Sunday, I felt a bit rotten all day.  I wondered if I had a bit of a hangover with it being so long since I have been drinking.  Because I wans’t feeling 100%, I was feeling more mentally vulnerable and subsequently I chose not to attend a birthday party the boys and I had been invited to.  Also, it happened to be during our usual lunch/nap time and although I learned to relax a lot on holiday with regard to their daily schedule, I couldn’t see how I could make this work on top of the already existing anxiety.  Tom was back Sunday evening anyway; we ordered pizza and watched an episode of Vikings.


Yesterday I had my most productive session in the gym to date – burned roughly 450 calories between the x-trainer, treadmill, ab machine and arm machine.  I don’t know the proper names.  Then I ate a bag of co-op’s salted caramel nut mix and it was rubbish – feel like it was a waste of calories!


I was showing a few pounds heavier on the scales this morning as well, pah!  Tonight shall be spent eating peanut butter melts and playing The Witcher 3.


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