Trying out Some Apps

Feeling a bit guilty tonight – after having a Dominoes pizza on Sunday night with husband, tonight I had a Chinese takeaway.I had several opportunities to say no, but I still chose to give in to my Id and have it, so as an adult I have to deal with the consequences of possibly gaining a few pounds at weigh-in on Sunday.  Physically, I have had an otherwise good week.  I went to the gym Tuesday, ran 5k on Wednesday and returned to boxing training last night after a 2 week break.


As I have been working more on the pysical side, at the recommendation of a friend I downloaded an app called “superbetter”, which is free on Android.  I have literally just had a quick look at it, but it appears to be set up like a real-life version of an RPG.  Users undertake quests and fight bad guys (depicted by actual real-life tasks) and as they complete them gain experience and other bonuses.  I have selected the depression/anxiety power pack as my first to complete.


My very first quest is simply to sit for 15 seconds and be awesome.  Something I can manage!  Upon completion, I have to tell the app that “I did it” by clicking on a little lightning symbol.


OK, that gives me resilience points and unlocks more quests! This is quite fun so will see how I get on with it over the next few days.


The other app I downloaded was a mindfulness app which I paid £2.51 for the full version for.  Initial exploration shows this app to be akin to an interactive book.  In fact, in the introduction it states it’s a book only available via the app but includes meditations etc and will certainly, if it delivers, compliment the online course I have been taking (which I still need to complete)


I’m going to explore this app further in bed, and whilst on topic of mental health and wellbeing I have a behaviour experiment I’m looking forward to/dreading this weekend; popping a balloon decoration with toddler.


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