Achievement Unlocked: Another Step up the CBT ladder!

About a week ago, my mum attended a 50th birthday party and brought me a souvenir back…this delightful, colourful balloon structure. 

(excuse my face)

SInce, it has been sitting on my stairs awaiting its own demise. I planned to pop all the balloons at the weekend with toddler, but either time constraints or just being scared/forgetful prevented this.
So tonight, armed with a pin and mobile phone camera, husband dutifully restrained toddler whilst I single handedly and sober burst all of those bad boys!

I am so proud of my impromptu achievement, something I couldn’t have done a few months ago. It was still a challenge, but I did it!

Now to celebrate with a Nakd Bakewell tart fruit bar…well, after dinner I will anyway! 
Go me! 


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