Little Update

I am sat here on a Saturday night, full from 2 mini chocolate mazipan bars which probably excee my daily syn allowance by miles, feeling sorry for myself.  I have an infection in my left eye which I have to take antibiotic drops for every hour whilst I am awake!  It was most likely caused by my contact lenses so I have to wear glasses for 2 weeks, which in itself isn’t a problem apart from it’s late summer, I don’t have any prescription sunglasses so I have to make do with mum’s clip on sun shades for when I’m driving.

Speaking of driving, I was at the garage again Thursday morning!

I had to have a black recording box fitted on Wednesday as per the requirements of my insurance company.  When I tried to start my car on Thursday, the battery was run completely flat resultingin a call to my breakdown cover company to jump start me!  This precede a trip to the garge who confirmed there was nothing wrong with my battery or it’s charging capacity so I can only imagine something happened during the installation of the box.  It was  a hot day so maybe the engineer had the air con on or something.  It has started every time since so I’m not too worried, plus husband has ordered a charger from Amazon.

I had a really good CBT session on Thursday afternoon, despite the morning’s automobile drama.  I showed my therapist the video I made on my phone of me bursting all the balloons on Monday and she was really impressed and please with my progress!  My next challenges are to continue blowing up and bursting balloons myself, and also to stop avoiding places where there are balloons such as public places like restaraunts and shopping centres.  We have devised some preliminary behaviour experiments in order to approach this which I will go into more as and when the situations arise.


I started to feel unwell Thursday afternoon, I don’t know if it was the beginnings of this eye infection but I didn’t feel well enough to attend boxing training.  I went to the gym this afternoon instead for an hour.  It’s great that husband doesn’t mind me going at weekends now whilst the children sleep, less pressure to get my sessions in on week nights!


A week or so ago I mentioned I had downloaded some apps.  One of them was Superbetter; I don’t actually rate this and will be removing it from my phone.  I find that the pre-tailored stuff just isn’t applicable to me as I am already following a specific diet/mental health plan but can see hoe it would perhaps be beneficial to someone starting out with no set plan in mind.  The mindfulness one I have found useful, I was rtying to listen to one of the meditations last night but, of course, I fell asleep.


Another thing I have stumbled upon is that the Open University do free online courses!  I have started with the forensic psychology one to get me into it.  I haven’t looked at the tops since finishing my degree but realised how much I miss learning andcommiting to things, and if I am hoping to train to be a teacher in a few years this will definitely keep me in the educational loop.


I think that’s everything for now; the only other thing I will say is that it’s weigh-in tomorrow and after comfort eating the last couple of days I don’t hold out much hope.  My eating habits have been terrible – really need to be stricter with my planning and contents of the food cupboard!



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