Sometimes, I am my Own Worst Enemy

Sat writing this as I wait in the eye outpatients clinic at the hospital. The infection I was so blessed with last week requires a follow up appointment so here I am, littlest small in tow spending the last morning if maternity leave waiting to be seen. At least the baby is sleeping, though not without some persuasion! 

Tuesday night I had a good cardio session at the gym, followed by a 5.2k run on Wednesday. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary,  so it wouldn’t be amiss for husband and I to relax our healthy eating plan a little. We went to a restaurant in Nottingham city centre for lunch called Oaks just off Maid Marian Way and it was delicious! 

We shared melt in the mouth pork crackling and sweet chilli chicken wings which were absolutely delicious, so tasty and a good size portion for a starter.  For my main I had 10oz sirloin steak with garlic butter accompanied by green beans. I enjoyed it so much i was genuinely sad when I finished it! We didn’t have pudding. Sounds reasonable, right? 
Here comes self sabotage number 1.
Went to buy bananas and bread from Tesco. Also bought a tub of salted caramel ice cream and a tray of baklava.   Both ice cream and baklava were consumed, solely by myself, before 9pm last night.  Cue feelings of guilt and anger at my inability to say no to myself. Shouldn’t have bought them in the first place! 

Second self sabotage; was planning on driving to the hospital this morning to save time and keep my driving confidence. 

Instead, (on the bus back as i write this) I over thought it,  psyched myself out so littlest and I are experiencing the delights of the hospital bus together. At least he’s asleep. 

And my eye is healing nicely, only need to use drops for 5 days and can wear lenses again a week after then! 
I finish this post as toddler is in the bath before bed. Sometimes I have to write throughout the day as time and children allow. I feel a bit down, fat, frumpy and generally “meh”. Really must go to the gym tomorrow, I owe it to myself. 


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