It May be my Endorphins Here But…

…today has been positive in so many ways! 
It was my first day back working,  though I spent the morning at toddler group as there was a photographer there today and I was very keen for the smalls to have a nice professional photo together.  Well, the outcome will definitely be a photo with both of them in it but I think that’s as far as it will go! Toddler was uncooperative and baby was tired so I couldn’t really expect any more of them.
I drove to toddler group AND managed to park on the street by moving my passenger mirror down so I could see the kerb and how close I was! So obvious, I did it in my lessons so don’t know why it took me a year to remember and do it. I then drove to work a different way to normal to include a bit more city centre driving and that was fine 🙂
I had an easy first afternoon, despite being rushed off my feet at lunch time I enjoyed a little nap with the littlest small and the last child went at 3 so had an early finish! I then offered my sister a lift home and parked in our drive despite cars being parked either side of it. 
If that wasn’t enough anxiety -busting action, I then blew up a balloon and let toddler play with it for a short while.   This is something I would have previously failed to tolerate. It’s definitely time for some more balloon experiments! 
After the smalls were in bed, i went to the gym for some cardio and ab work. The calories are falling away but my core still needs a lot of work!  When I got home I subscribed to slimming world for another 3 months.  I have lost 1.5 stone in the first 3 months so hoping to near that total again by December! 
So today has been good mentally, physically and emotionally. Always good to note and share the positives ❤


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