My Toddler is an Infuriating Smartarse!

Toddler is 2.

Like most 2 year olds, toddler enjoys testing the patience of adults, particularly when it involves repeatedly doing something he has been asked not to do.

Several times.

Over and over again.

Tonight it was kicking the wooden panel at the back of one of the cubby holes in the TV stand. Our TV stand has a glass fronted cabinet in the middle and either side of that a storage area presumably for games/DVDs etc. Ours stores toys.  Toddler has previously kicked the panel out of the back on the other side,  which husband has since repaired.
So tonight he was pushing/nudging the panel and repeatedly I asked him to stop, physically moving him away from it. My phone was next to me on the sofa and my attention was fully on toddler.

The little monkey walked over to my phone and handed it to me, then placed my finger of my free hand on the screen before walking back to the TV cabinet. 
Immediately I put my phone back down and reprimanded him for his conduct.
Toddler then walked back to my phone, calmly put it in my hand and again directed my finger to the screen before walking back towards his goal.
The little monkey was trying to distract me, as if to say “Here mummy, you play on your phone! Don’t mind me, I’m just going to be over here doing…stuff.”
Clever boy. I am still impressed even now, several hours later and also worries about what else he might get up to when I am on my phone, definitely a lesson parenting for me to be aware of!

Also also, ya know that balloon I blew up last night?  Totally popped it.  Then felt bad that toddler no longer had a balloon so blew up another for him, but could only tolerate him playing with it for a short while. Still, progress.


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