Actually Excited about a Car!

So husband and I have taken the plunge (after paying to get the clutch fixed in the Fiesta at half the price we were quoted) and bought a new-to-us car! Specifically, a 3 year old Toyota Yaris. I wanted a Yaris when I first passed my test,  however that was not to be and I made do with a couple of decade -old cars.
My first car was a Vauxhall Agila,  which was written off when I left the handbrake off after parking about 3 weeks after we bought it and it rolled down a hill into someone’s garden wall. Unlucky, but nobody was hurt and we got a little more in the insurance payout than we paid for it! 
Second car was the Fiesta Flame,  which I still have for the next 2-and-a-bit hours. It’s very nice, but the number of miles was a concern (158,000 when purchased) and of course being an old car we have had to replace a tyre, the exhaust, brake pads and clutch. It was still alright as a second first car. 
I have so little confidence driving, that in preparation for the new car I have purchased some official DVLA books to brush up my motoring knowledge, and also been using CBT methods to prepare me to actually enjoy driving. I am genuinely excited about it, and didn’t feel excited much at all about the other cars. Fingers crossed this will be the start of a beautiful motoring relationship! 

Elon Musk the Yaris. Haris for short.


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