Childcare Expo 2016

Mum and I are currently at what is basically a bog childcare profession convention.  There are lots of stalls showcasing different offers and services, plus the option of paying to attend seminars about various topics. I drove here in my new Yaris, and can almost change gear in it smoothly! Just the maneuvering to practice now 😉

This is actually relevant to my CBT as we are in an arena where there are balloons and children. And today, I am going to refrain from avoiding the balloons. Not deliberately seek them out; just not avoid them either. I might even take some home in the boot for Toddler. 
At the end of the day: I drove back on the motorway in the rain. It was fun and I enjoyed it! I didn’t avoid any balloons, and none burst. I didn’t bring any home though. I am now awaiting a taxi to a friend’s party. There may be balloons, but I intend to have a good time 🙂


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