Couple of Small Victories!

Tonight I reversed into the drive first time in the new car,  and bathed and put the children to bed by myself as husband has a Kung Fu belt grading.
Have a CBT appointment tomorrow where I could get discharged,  so will need to be doing lots of hard work in the coming weeks. I am not cured, nowhere near. But you only get so many sessions on the NHS so I hope to combine that with what I have learned on the mindfulness course to tackle my balloon phobia further.
As for my general anxiety,  that will need further work but one thing at a time! And in other news, the baby has started to try and  pull himself up onto various surfaces.  He hasn’t got the strength to get himself up yet but likes to stand supported. He is starting to twist himself around when sitting too so he is definitely ready to move! 
Toddler is still kind of potty training. Although he hasn’t done a wee on a potty or toilet for almost 3 weeks, despite having plenty of opportunity.  It makes me feel sad for him when I see his peers overtake him developmentally (well, regarding speech and toilet training) but I know he will get there in his own time. Doesn’t make it easier though. I have a year until he starts nursery so fingers crossed he will be ready by then 😉 


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