Behaviour Experiment :Driving to the garage alone πŸš˜

It’s been a while since a deliberate behaviour experiment has been undertaken, and this time it isn’t even balloon related!  My friend noticed earlier a burning smell at certain times when I was driving (tbf I had also noticed it a few times but total car newb here) and mentioned it could be the clutch.
Cue panic, berating myself.over my terrible driving style which is clearly the reason (note: It’s NOT although there are aspects of my driving which need work) and a phone call to the local Toyota garage.
For the pleasure of paying Β£65, a mechanic will look at the car in attempt to diagnose any faults.  If it is the clutch, then we can say goodbye to another Β£600 on top of that, 2 days before Christmas πŸŽ„ . Merry wallet hole-burning!
And as we are expecting a delivery tomorrow, I have to go on my own.  In a potentially breaking car πŸš—.  Through town traffic. To somewhere new. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!  
 I put out a plea on social media for either a companion on my journey, or someone to sit with the smalls in my house for an hour whilst husband and I went.
Nobody answered the call, therefore I am going to use the opportunity for a behaviour Experiment!  

My hypothesis is that the car will break, I will get lost, panic or otherwise make a fool of myself or do something wrong.

Otherwise, I could just drive to the place, drop my car off and have a lovely powerwalk back home 🏑. 
Current feeling is 85 out of 100 on the anxiety scale. Will know more tomorrow!


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