Still at it!

Happy New Year!
My CBT journey continues, albeit at a very slow pace. By which I mean the other day with husband’s encouragement I popped a balloon which had been panicking about the place for a while. Still did it, and still not avoiding balloons when I see them in town! 
It’s bloody difficult though. One the app I have, “distress”, it emphasises the importance of embracing any exercises and behaviour experiments willingly. This is something I need to work on, a thing I can apply to everyday tasks e.g. cleaning, tidying and other chores but need to actively encourage with therapy. And exercise.
Talking about exercise, I haven’t run since a measly 1.5k from my sister’s house to home but I have been working through this:

I completed day 4 today. Also, good news! There are no more Christmas chocolates /treats in the kitchen! The bad news is because I ate them, gaining a whopping half stone this festive season.  I am like an eating machine that just can’t stop. Each day I tell myself that that’s it, back on the eating plan but then chocolate happens. Must try harder!

In bed now after a lovely day with the smalls, ready to read more of this;

Whilst enjoying the feel of this on my face; 

I mean, I am a few months shy of 32 now. Better start looking after the face a bit more, and I like how this feels once applied (after using my Micellar Water; nice quick beauty routine tonight!)

Back on it tomorrow 🙂 


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