Friday night musings.

It’s Friday night, and I am snuggled in bed with my book waiting, old comfy pyjamas on and the electric.blanket turned all the way up to…2.
I have completed day 5 of my 30 day toning challenge, and had to do the wall sit in two parts it was that hard. I feel more achy than when I used to frequent the gym! I was trying to recall the mindfulness session where you focus on your body, pushing it to its limits and being aware of how that feels, and then trying for more. It’s difficult to be present in the moment when your muscles are screaming at you, but that is how they get stronger.

I have also planned my meals for the next week and written a shopping list, caught up with Vikings and determined that watching the Impractical Jokers perform stand up has ruined them for me. 

Something that made me happy today was toddler doing 3 wees on the potty this afternoon and 2 yesterday (in addition to one on the kitchen floor and one on his brother’s bedroom floor)!

This has definitely become more of a general journal than a blog solely focused on my balloon phobia CBT, and I am cool with that.


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