So Long, Slimming World

After 6 months, and a stone and a half less (ignoring the bit i put on over Christmas and beyond which is slowly coming off) I have decided to part ways with Slimming World online.  It has really helped me kick-off my weight loss and healthier lifestyle and I am at a point now where I don’t need to pay £20 a month to enter my weight online and have access to recipes on the site when I can still buy the magazine and feel I have enough knowledge to carry on by myself.  I have gone “off the rails” a bit over Christmas and new year, and my exercise at the moment certainly feels more like damage control rather than actual loss but I am getting back on plan with each day and getting back into cooking again.


At the weekend we enjoyed Lamb Souvlaki with tzatziki and pasta salad, and I look forward to making an african chicken dish for the first time on Thursday.


Aside from the weight loss which I intend to maintain and continue,  I have really increased my personal fitness and can now run at least 5km and am taking part in aforementioned 30 day toning challenge.  I was using the gym until a few months ago, unfortunately the weather and my anxiety got in the way of me attending further.


I would recommend the Slimming World eating plan to anyone who wants to lose weight and change their eating habits, it’s easy to stick to and I have learned a lot more about cooking and preparing meals along the way as well.  I did it online, and think it might be better for some to actually go to a physical meeting and meet regularly with other slimmers for support/encouragement.  I might go to a group in the future as funds and family life allow but for now it’s back on my own to kick this last stone until I reach my interim target.  Go!


Meanwhile, I am copying my favourite recipes from the site before I no longer have access!  There were 15 in total.


So much for a massive archive at my fingertips.


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