Another Chapter

Here was me thinking somewhat naively when I started this blog that I would attend my CBT, eat properly, exercise and my story would be a short one; a novella at the most.




l here, still phobic and still (albeit less than I was) fat!  I say this in good humour, this isn’t a pity party, more a kick-myself-up-the-arse party.  And my story seems to be running more like a series with several spin-offs adding to the franchise.


I suppose the main, major thing that has happened in the last month is I have been diagnosed with having gallstones, and have an appointment with the surgeon on 2nd March.  I know surgery is inevitable, yeah it’s going to be a pain in the arse with work, childcare and recovery but needs must.


We also found out that the littlest small is allergic to nuts, which is totally manageable but still something extra we have to be aware of.


That aside, it’s time I actually knuckled down and worked on self-improvement (she says about to consume two salted caramel cookies which are definitely a present for husband).  I restarted the 30-day fitness challenge; I got up to day 16 last time but then a stomach bug threw me off course.  Today was day 5, and I found that although i completed the exercises my upper abdomen has become so swollen and bloated, so don’t know if I’ve done something there to aggravate my gallbladder situation.  It’s not painful, just uncomfortable and if I say so myself unsightly.


My food intake hasn’t been too ridiculous; fat-free orange and vanilla yoghurt with a banana for breakfast. Cream cheese and honey roast ham sandwich with chilli Doritos and cucumber for lunch.  A couple of Tuc crackers as a snack, and store-bought lasagna with carrot, broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. In addition to my 30 day fitness challenge, I also walked into town with the smalls in the double pushchair to purchase shoes.  Buying a 1-year-old and 2-year-old shoes at the same time should come with some kind of reward.


So that’s where I feel I am right now.

I’m going to read my mindfulness book now to reconnect, and then revisit CBT.  My scary situation at the moment is the children playing with balloons, so that’s my goal.  To the study cave!!!


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