Keeping on Task: Daily Update

Being honest and upfront with myself, here’s today’s record /progress. One day I might feel brave enough to track my weight publicly as well!

Breakfast: 2.5 Tuc crackers with Lurpak, Aldi version of Ready Brek with semi skimmed milk and honey. Banana.

Lunch: little bit of ham and cream cheese sandwich (that I made for the baby), carrot stick crisp. 2 sainsbury’s crisp breads with Lurpak.

Feeling very bloated, maybe a case of too many baked goods?

30 day fitness challenge day 6

100 jumping jacks – DONE

75 squats – DONE 

Everything else? Not done. Tonight, toddler is being such a pain in the arse that it seems to have taken all of my strength and energy not to lose my shit I don’t think I can do anything else physical. Husband is out for a meal so just me holding the fort when he is at his most pesky…if he wakes his brother I will probably cry. 
Managed a little mindfulness win earlier, had a mindful shower. Had to work to stop myself being distracted by wandering thoughts but think I did ok! 

 I am also in the process of ordering curry. 
*sheepish update*

Went up to toddler one more time and this time he stayed in bed, so I can proudly say

6 push-ups DONE 

40 crunches DONE 

60 second wall sit DONE 

So that’s today’s challenge met 🙂 


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