Daily Update

I honestly thought this morning I was going to have a disaster of a day. Toddler was moat unpleasant and uncooperative,  and I ended up shouting at him. For what? I can’t even remember now. Then during breakfast he was removed from the table due to his behaviour.

My heart hurt to see it.
So imagine my surprise when I then took him to the park, as planned, and he was good as gold. I was so proud of him and it was lovely to have him to myself for a couple of hours. He had a few wobbles this afternoon but hopefully with me being back at work tomorrow he will feel a bit more settled.
30 day fitness challenge daily goal achieved; 120 jumping jacks (though had to do 100 and then the final 20 due to baby)

50 crunches 

45 Second plank

1min 20 wall sit
22 days to go!
Then I ate most of a tub of haagen-dazs salted caramel and some honey roasted peanuts and cashews. 

Final thing,  and this is the scary thing, husband asked me today if I would let the kids play with a balloon in my presence. I said I didn’t think I could, so he got firm with me and said I had to choose a day to do it and continue my CBT.  I chose Friday and I am really anxious about it, need my mindfulness training more than ever! So a behaviour Experiment is imminent. Shit. 


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