Tantrums, Sofas and Meat

My 30 day challenge didn’t happen last night. But you know what did happen? An effing takeaway! I know that food shouldn’t be used as a reward, especially for someone like myself who is trying to make more positive eating choices, but I felt like I deserved it.

Yesterday morning, toddler attended speech and language group with my aunty. He spent 40 minutes of the hour session having a tantrum, at which point I was summonednby the health visitors to go to him (I attend a different group with children i look after in the same building). During a brief yet supportive discussion, HV mentioned referring toddler to paediatrician and early years team because his speech delay and behaviour, in particular tantrums and rituals and obsession with doors to name a few things, is not what one would expect from a boy his age. I had my suspicions about him being on the spectrum but with him being so young wasn’t sure if they were founded iin anything concrete or not. So it comes as a relief to know that his behaviour isn’t normal, I’m not a bad parent or going mad, and he is going to get the support he needs to grow into a hopefully well rounded person.

He has a hearing test at the hospital tomorrow, and today I have started to keep a diary of his behaviour as evidence as i won’t remember it all! So despite feeling positive about it, it’s still sad knowing my baby has all of this frustration and is unable to express himself other than having a meltdown. I have tried a mindful approach, reminding myself to try and respond not react and to stay calm because I don’t want my own despair at his behaviour to affect him. So this knowledge was filing up my mental “need a takeaway” meter.

Does the fact the seal on the oven has broken so we couldn’t set the timer on it to make nice jacket potatoes contribute too? I think it does. 

Then last night, we were very kindly given a new sofa from our step brother and sister in law. Which took almost 4 hours (including a meal break) to move into the lounge from the kitchen, and the removal of the kitchen door. At one point we weren’t sure it woud go in at all, and of course husband had already taken the old sofa out in the wet, rainy garden. At this point I felt having a takeaway was absolutely what we deserved following the logistical trauma we were in the midst of! And I helped lift the sofa a bit, that’s  bit of exercise right??? 

The meat in today’s blog post title is because I had a lamb shish kebab. And ate the naan bread. And 2.5 mozzarella sticks. And some southern fried chicken. Today’s food consumption hasn’t been too bad, and as for the exercise;

 130 Jumping Jacks: DONE (albeit in 2 stages of 50 and 80, on a padded floor in heels)

100 squats: DONE

7 Pushups: DONE (girly ones. My arms still felt it!)

55 Crunches: not done

1 minute plank: not done

1 minute 30 sec wall sit: not done 

Last few items not done as I ate late thanks to an unsettled baby.

Lastly, it is looking more and more likely toddler has autism. Husband and I did a screening questionnaire from an american autism website and he seems to be very high risk, HV is calling me later this week re referrals so will pass this info on. If he does turn out to be on the spectrum then at least he with be getting support as early as possible!


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