Daily Update

30 day fitness challenge:

140 jumping jacks DONE (actually did 150, 100 then 50)

105 squats DONE 

8 push-ups DONE 

1 min plank DONE 

1min 40sec well-sit DONE 

This morning I took 3 toddlers to playgroup by myself and got through it! One of them had to go for a wee but one of the volunteers came to help so that happened without incident. 

I had a nice breakfast of fat free yoghurt, then went nuts at lunch with a pile of cheese toasties coated in butter as an accompaniment to my otherwise reasonable reduced sugar and salt tomato soup. As I wrote this I am holed up in mum’s bedroom with toddler in his travel cot refusing to nap. Which isn’t a problem iin itself but he has a half hour hearing test this afternoon and I can’t aee it going very well if he’s tired.
Update: hearing test was fine, no problems and he actually behaved pretty well. This suggests his speech and language delay have other sources…hoping HV calls tomorrow or Friday. 


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