Firstly, happy pancake day!

I hate eaten so many at lunch time – both as part of my main and dessert – i think i have definitely had my fill for another year.

It feels quite ironic in a way experiencing such a thing as an awakening when I am very tired physically following a restless night courtesy of both toddler and baby, but I need to write this down.


Last night, whilst an upset and tired but unwilling to sleep toddler cuddled up to me in my bed I had a thought – would Reiki help him with his behaviour and overall help him feel a bit more calm and relaxed?  I was attuned to Reiki level 1 in 2006 but have rarely used it since, and i felt like i was channelling it last night as I lay awake and holding him.  this evening i  put out a call on Facebook for any friends who were knowledgeable in such matters to make themselves known and have had some fantastic responses which have really helped me and led to a bit of an epiphany.


Mindfulness is something i came across whilst undertaking CBT (which is still happening slowly but surely) and this has in a way reawakened my spiritual side but for me.  Not in a “I want to read for everyone and heal the world” way but a more “how can i be the best me and create a positive self and environment” way.  Ten years later, older and I like to think somewhat wiser, I am ready to use these skills primarily to help myself and my family.  If it leads elsewhere, so be it.


I don’t know if it’s the endorphins from my exercise (another day, another part of the 30 day challenge complete!) but I feel so positive about it right now.  And it doesn’t matter what other people think, this is for me.


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