Thursday Update: Medical Stuff

15:40 I am tired and to be honest, a bit scared.  I knew having had an ultrasound on my gallbladder recently that I have gall stones, quite a of as it happens. I knew from my own research, and confirmed by a phone call from my doctor, that surgery was pretty much inevitable.

Now a month later, I am sat in the waiting room to see the consultant in surgical outpatients and I feel nervous. Aside from a c-section, I have never had surgery before and never been under general anaesthetic. 

Will they want to remove the stones or the actual organ itself?

How will the do this?

Will I have to stay in? (That I wouldn’t actually mind, a night off sounds wonderful)

How long will it take to recover?

16:12 Confirmed my gall bladder is to be removed under general anaesthetic as a day surgery case, looking at an approximate wait of 6 weeks followed by a 2-6 week recovery. Slightly worrying as I am self employed.

Also advised to avoid all fatty food, including cheese and butter. So naturally I bought a pack of sweets to deal with it so managed to fail lent on day 2. Ugh. Don’t think daily challenge will happen either because i am not there mentally, going to watch Sons of Anarchy and sob on the sofa.


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