13 Reasons Why

This post is a little bit different. I just finished watching “13 Reasons Why” after seeing a lot of comments about it on Facebook from friends. I found the pace slow yet intriguing and the more I watched the more I wanted to learn the outcome. And it got me thinking that I want to share my 13 reasons (not exhaustive) why I want to live.  I am not writing this because I feel suicidal or depressed, more as an affirmation and reminder to appreciate the goodness and joy in life. I also don’t intend it to be a list to state what others should be grateful for because it’s my list but feel the show has had a subtle yet profound impact which I would like to express through writing. So here is my list, unedited and written as it comes to me.

1. My family, immediate and wider. So much love and supporof completiothat goes both ways.

2. My children. I am their world as they are mine.

3. Friendships I share in near and distant proximity, especially those that blossom and grow with little effort.

4. I have a car which I am allowed to use whenever I want to go wherever I would like to. And am getting more confident in doing so!

5. Sooooooo many books and e-books to get through.

6. Using my bullet journal to accomplish day-to-day tasks and relishing in the satisfaction of completion.

7. My mini home gym; I can exercise without leaving the house.

8. Running dates with my beans 🙂

9. Living near a good pub.

10. Future study plans and anticipating my return to academia.

11. We are financially comfortable enough to cover our bills yet poor enough to really appreciate it

12. Life has a lot of lovely surprises, big and small

13. I feel loved.

I could go on but this is a list of 13 reasons in keeping  with the show title. And on that note, time to do a loving kindness meditation.


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