Weekend Away

I am writing this from our caravan on the last night of our weekend away at Reighton Sands resort in Filey.

We have had a lovely time, and I overcame the challenge of driving to a holiday destination with the assistance of husband and google maps. I learned that I don’t like driving on country roads because they are very bendy and other drivers get cross if you don’t overtske lorries despite the fact you can’t see around them properly to get a proper view of the roadcahead to determine whether it is safe to or not.
We have taken the boys on the beach, swimming, on the park, out for dinner and in the arcade. Many photos were taken. The caravan is lovely and comfortable despite there being 6 of us and everything is so close that we haven’t used the car since we got here.

So for the journey back, I am going to stand up for all other cautious drivers and if i want to sit safely but slowly behind a lorry on an unfamiliar country road, I bloody well will! 
If people get impatient, that’s their problem not mine. I am who I am, not the sum of what others may think of me.
Update: Back Home 2 nights later.
I am so proud of myself, drove back all in one go with no problems! Also received a massive compliment from mother in law; I don’t have any wrinkles and apparently look a lot younger than my 32 years! Blimey!

Have my pre-op appointment tomorrow for Sunday’s surgery. Eek.


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