Post Surgical Summary

I’ve had it!
I have been put to sleep and under the knife (surely you say that for keyhole too?!) and am back home to tell the tale. After a long wait and hospita visits qhich I have posted about here, my gallbladder is no longer a part of me.   My surgery was Sunday,  and I was advised to get there for 7 and not eat anything since the night before as is standard.
After an 8 hour wait I finally went down to theatre where thew op itself went very well and I was brought up to the ward. However,  perhaps because I hadn’t eaten or drank my blood pressure was very low so I quite willingly spent the night in hospital in my own private room and enjoyed the benefits of hospital drugs and meals brought to me and the comfy hospital bed!

I got home yesterday late afternoon and have been having codeine and paracetamol. Mindfulness helped a lot, during the wait, anaesthesia and recovery.  The codeine is affecting my thoughts right now so I am going to stop but yay surgery and yay mindfulness! 


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