Bloodstock 2017

I was very anxious in the lead up to Bloodstock this year. Husband and I only had a day ticket for the Sunday, so with a good friend driving and my mum taking care of the kids we were ready to go.
I had been feeling anxious about the crowds, whether there would be loud pyrotechnics or fireworks, what state the toilets would be in and whether I would have any difficulty getting drink so that I could deal with the above. 
I had nothing to worry about. I was with good friends, the booze flowed freely and although there were pyrotechnics there was nothing loud or frightening. I enjoyed Obituary, Skindred, Arch Enemy and Megadeth whilst in good company and rather inebriated.

Definitely felt the after effects for a couple of days afterwards; roll in next year! 


3.5 weeks post surgery

I have made a few changes recently. Firstly, I joined Slimming World for the third time (!) a fortnight after my op and it’s going well so far. I am able to make it work at work as well as home. I need to do it for a year I reckon; not deciding after a few months I don’t need it anymore and undoing my hard work.

Also trying to make more of a conscious effort to be more present in the now. My biggest downfall is technology; I am playing an online game and find myself constantly checking it. I should try and restrict myself! 

That aside I am feeling good, healed and ready to move on. There are plenty of balloon videos and meditations for me to be gettin on with whilst trying to ignore the call of gaming! 

Post Surgical Summary

I’ve had it!
I have been put to sleep and under the knife (surely you say that for keyhole too?!) and am back home to tell the tale. After a long wait and hospita visits qhich I have posted about here, my gallbladder is no longer a part of me.   My surgery was Sunday,  and I was advised to get there for 7 and not eat anything since the night before as is standard.
After an 8 hour wait I finally went down to theatre where thew op itself went very well and I was brought up to the ward. However,  perhaps because I hadn’t eaten or drank my blood pressure was very low so I quite willingly spent the night in hospital in my own private room and enjoyed the benefits of hospital drugs and meals brought to me and the comfy hospital bed!

I got home yesterday late afternoon and have been having codeine and paracetamol. Mindfulness helped a lot, during the wait, anaesthesia and recovery.  The codeine is affecting my thoughts right now so I am going to stop but yay surgery and yay mindfulness! 

Weekend Away

I am writing this from our caravan on the last night of our weekend away at Reighton Sands resort in Filey.

We have had a lovely time, and I overcame the challenge of driving to a holiday destination with the assistance of husband and google maps. I learned that I don’t like driving on country roads because they are very bendy and other drivers get cross if you don’t overtske lorries despite the fact you can’t see around them properly to get a proper view of the roadcahead to determine whether it is safe to or not.
We have taken the boys on the beach, swimming, on the park, out for dinner and in the arcade. Many photos were taken. The caravan is lovely and comfortable despite there being 6 of us and everything is so close that we haven’t used the car since we got here.

So for the journey back, I am going to stand up for all other cautious drivers and if i want to sit safely but slowly behind a lorry on an unfamiliar country road, I bloody well will! 
If people get impatient, that’s their problem not mine. I am who I am, not the sum of what others may think of me.
Update: Back Home 2 nights later.
I am so proud of myself, drove back all in one go with no problems! Also received a massive compliment from mother in law; I don’t have any wrinkles and apparently look a lot younger than my 32 years! Blimey!

Have my pre-op appointment tomorrow for Sunday’s surgery. Eek.

13 Reasons Why

This post is a little bit different. I just finished watching “13 Reasons Why” after seeing a lot of comments about it on Facebook from friends. I found the pace slow yet intriguing and the more I watched the more I wanted to learn the outcome. And it got me thinking that I want to share my 13 reasons (not exhaustive) why I want to live.  I am not writing this because I feel suicidal or depressed, more as an affirmation and reminder to appreciate the goodness and joy in life. I also don’t intend it to be a list to state what others should be grateful for because it’s my list but feel the show has had a subtle yet profound impact which I would like to express through writing. So here is my list, unedited and written as it comes to me.

1. My family, immediate and wider. So much love and supporof completiothat goes both ways.

2. My children. I am their world as they are mine.

3. Friendships I share in near and distant proximity, especially those that blossom and grow with little effort.

4. I have a car which I am allowed to use whenever I want to go wherever I would like to. And am getting more confident in doing so!

5. Sooooooo many books and e-books to get through.

6. Using my bullet journal to accomplish day-to-day tasks and relishing in the satisfaction of completion.

7. My mini home gym; I can exercise without leaving the house.

8. Running dates with my beans 🙂

9. Living near a good pub.

10. Future study plans and anticipating my return to academia.

11. We are financially comfortable enough to cover our bills yet poor enough to really appreciate it

12. Life has a lot of lovely surprises, big and small

13. I feel loved.

I could go on but this is a list of 13 reasons in keeping  with the show title. And on that note, time to do a loving kindness meditation.

Being Here Now

I am going to try my very best to articulate these thoughts into words, so bear with me. Firstly,  I cannot fail to mention my sadness about the horrific events that occurred in Manchester last night.  My heart breaks a little with every story, plea for contact with unaccounted for loved ones and devastating news at those who sadly won’t be going home.

Also, the thing that has made me well up the most is the pride i feel for the fellow humans who have gone above and beyond to provide comfort, food, transport, shelter and love to those affected.

I also cannot imagine how Ariana Grande is feeling having her performance targeted like that. Poor lady.

With that said, the inspiration for tonight’s blog came to me whilst I was meditating following a reluctant dumbell workout (wow how pretentious does that sound?!).  A little while ago I wrote about the difference between being and doing, and how to differentiate between the two in real life. Easier said than done, right? But it led me to think about exercise. It’s no secret I have an ongoing battle with my weight and by proxy physical appearance. I am trying hard to sever the mental link between that and my self worth. One sure fire way to lose weight and generally get healthier is to exercise. Before I have put pressure on myself to do it, because that’s how you lose weight (as well as eating right). However since I have made a habit of it, I am enjoying working out for the sake of working out. 
Forget whatever goals I have of one day feeling like it might be acceptable to wear a bikini in front of other people (not that I intend to, just feeling like I can); that would be acceptable bonus acceptable nd not the be all and end all. I LIKE  the workouts I am doing. I LIKE  the lady that does them. And as a bonus, I like the positive difference it makes to my frame of mind. And with no defined goal, it makes it feel a lot more relaxed!
Summary: Do it because you like it and do what has to be done.
Second point from that: meditation. I recall reading several times not to meditate to achieve enlightenment,  sleep, relaxation or any other profound experience other than to perform the act itself and spend some time purely in the moment.  It made me think that I am not lost in meditation, which seems to be quite a popular hippy outsider concept ( for want of a better definition) but through mindfulness practice I am HERE in meditation. 

Despite my amateur ramblings, I feel this demonstrates to myself that I am really getting the concept of living mindfully and the attitudes  I’m beginning to adapt naturally reflect that. 
There, that feels better! Now to enjoy the rest of my bath and hopefully the baby will sleep through the night 🙂


Bizarre title, no?

I turn 32 on Thursday so I decided to create my own 30 day challenge, but as it turns out it will be a 32 day challenge.  And when I say challenge, I guess I mean more of a plan to help me grow physically, mentally and to a degree spiritually. It’s tailored to me personally, because we all have stuff going on that might make it difficult to follow a pretty determined 30 day challenge (in my experience anyway) so I will see how this goes! 

Before that, I have to contend with the reality that my biggest small turns 3 tomorrow. He is a little boy rather than a baby. 

This is when he was all new and squidgy 🙂

And here is is 2 days ago, posing on his buggy board!

No doubt I will be totes emosh tomorrow. And that isn’t a phrase I actually use in real life. Tonight; cake baking, challenge planning and (mostly) sugar free cookie eating! 

Oh, Hello Hurdle! (Also, a Look at the Authentic Self)

I am currently trying to clamber over a hurdle.  It isn’t pretty, it isn’t graceful, and more often than not I am landing in mud. I am learning so much about Mindfulness yet am struggling to put it into practice, letting everyday occurrences and my own ego get in the way. I feel like I have no power over myself, and this is affecting my mood. Sometimes it feels like there’s a barrier between how I am behaving and how I want to behave and ultimately be.

My attitude to past, present and future events mostly relate to my diet.  i have good intentions to eat better and exercise more but I focus too much on enjoying unhealthy food NOW, telling myself I will eat better in the future to make up for it.  Unfortunately for me, this future does not and never will exist as long as I am not present in my current healthy eating goals.  So right now, I am being present in it by ignoring the salted caramel fudge in the fridge and bag of popcorn by the toaster.  If I can get through this evening without eating any of them I will be proud, as pitiful as that may sound.

Referring to my last post, it’s the being I’m struggling with! This leads me to share my latest insight through study; the authentic self.  So, apparently there are 5 simple ways to move to a more authentic self.  This is according to one author so I shall give my views for each one.

  1. Appreciate Kindness. (This is something I try to do anyway, whether it’s directed at me or an opportunity to show it to others.  I think we should all be kind in general, so I like this and can live with it.
  2. Listen to people’s stories with full attention, not just politely, because they matter. (Absolutely agree, and I am guilty of not doing this, usually when I am wrapped up in reading something, watching something, playing a game or otherwise occupied.  I mean on a day-to-day level, sometimes it might not be appropriate.)
  3. Ask a colleague for their opinion on something not work-related (currently, I am self-employed although I do work with my mum.  it is something I have practiced anyway in previous roles and would also give opportunity to exercise point 2.)
  4.  (ITalk to anyone who approaches you in the street whether begging, trying to sell something or doing a survey. (I don’t feel comfortable doing this; usually I have my boys with me and at aged 1 and 2 I would rather get to where I am going with no delay, distraction, meltdown or fire.)
  5. Don’t take mobile phone calls when with someone. Concentrate fully on being with them. (Guilty of not doing this one this afternoon with having a drink with my best friend; husband was messaging me updates with what he and the boys were doing at home! I totally get not texting or using social media, however I wouldn’t want to not be accessible by phone due to a small with possible ASD and a small with allergies.)

It would be interesting to see how these suggestions lead to the authentic self but at the very least would lead to being more present, focusing attention and making others and yourself feel more valued and respected which can never be a bad thing.

I find, as I mentioned above, that my barriers to my own authentic self are anxiety, phobia and my tendency to catastrophise things.  I am also guilty of pretending to have knowledge of things I don’t in order to gain favour from another person; it’s best just to be honest and learn from and listen to them than pretend and potentially look foolish further down the line.  It’s also to be honest with your opinions and, well, don’t be a dick.

As part of my own study, I also answered questionnaires on whether I tended to fixate on the past, future or present; authenticity regarding whether i have issues and what effect those have on my life and concentration, how much attention I give to certain aspects of my life including listening and reading.  I have chosen to keep my answers to these private so it’s something I can reflect on again in the future.


Thank you for reading this post.  Although I have primarily written it for me, I welcome any outside guidance or comments.  A lovely gentleman called Luke in my previous post linked me to his podcasts – well, one in particular but I enjoyed it so much I found his website, downloaded all the material I could sign up for and plan to enjoy further podcasts (even installed iTunes on laptop so I could!) – so already writing in this medium is paying off!  Here is the website

There, I got to the end of the post and still haven’t eaten the fudge or popcorn.  I am going to take part in some more study, reflection and have a peaceful, mindful sunday evening!




Little bit Lost

Here is my confession; I’m struggling. With diet, exercise, CBT and generally looking after myself both physically and mentally. 

My mindfulness studies have become stalled, my diet is atrocious despite sticking to my lentern promise (aside from a pizza Hut last week) and I feel bloated, tired and a bit down.
I am struggling to recapture the motivation I had mere weeks ago. All I want to do is eat popcorn and watch sons of anarchy so it’s probably a good job I am on the final series. I never was able to ration things or have self control when it came to little pleasures. This is why ice.cream doesn’t last long in my freezer.
Hopefully I will come out of this soon and be back to maintaining myself physically and mentally. 

Here I Am!

It’s been a little while, and in that time I have not been following my exercise plan, practising Mindfulness minimally and becoming obsessed with watching Sons of Anacrchy whilst making a good go of consuming my own bodyweight in popcorn. I also had a battle with conjunctivitis, or rather the littest small did. Today is day 9 and his eye is still swollen, he has been quite poorly with it but is thankfully on the mend now. I also managed to scrape the side of the car on the fence this morning pulling out of the drive. 

I have, however, managed to stick to my lent commitment of giving up chocolate, sweets and takeaways for the duration. Only a few weeks left now!  Anyway, after talking to a friend on a rare night out at the weekend, I have decided to pick up my fitness challenge from day 20 and resume my commitment to good health. I have done as a bonus 50 squats and 50 crunches that I didn’t even need to do today. 
Not going to punish myself or feel bad for taking some time out, back on it onwards and upwards 🙂