As physical activity is so important to managing my mental health, here I’ll be keeping a little record of how often/far I run so that I can see my own progress.  Short term goal is to regularly run 5k and slowly work up to 10k.

Wednesday 5th April 2017 Evening run  3.91km  34:52 8.55 min/km

There is a massive gap here, as I ended up taking a few months off due to various work and family commitments and also rubbish weather!  I am so proud though of what I have accomplished on my first run back compared to how I started last year.  Onwards and upwards!

Wednesday 11th January 2017  5.13km 42:16 8.15min/km

Sunday 9th January 2017 5.12km 42:51 8.22 min/km

Sunday 18th December 2016 4.97km 46:01 9:16 min/km

Wednesday 7th December 2016 10.38km 1:28:24 8:31 min/km

October 30th 2016 5.09km 43:14 8:30 min/km

October 20th 2016 5.38km 47:08 8:45 min/km

October 5th 2016 7.01km 56:55 8.07min/km

September 14th 2016 6.00km 49:48 8:18 min/km

August 31st 2016 5.20km 43:18 8:19 min/km

Wednesday 17th August 2016 Evening Run around Park 5km 42:22 8.28 min/km

Saturday 30th July 2016 Evening Run on Holiday 2km 17:11 8.36km/h

Thursday 28th July 2016 Evening Run to Boxing 1.94km  16:02 8.15km/h

Wednesday 27th July 2016 Evening run around Darley Park 3.8k 33 mins

Tuesday 12th July 2016  Evening Run mainly around the park 3.3k

Thursday 14th July 2016 Evening Run to boxing 1.93k

Thursday 21st July 2016 to boxing 1.95k